CMX: My Experience Part 2

Further ideas, resources and links I liked from the Children’s Ministry Expo, 2010 that will benefit children’s ministry leaders as well as parents influence the next generation to walk with Jesus.

(For part 1 click here).

In this article:

  • Links
    • Just a random collection of websites you may want to check out.
  • Resources
    • Parenting, family and church resources worth looking into.
  • Ideas
    • Jim Wideman on organization
    • Coach D on fathering
    • Karen Rhodes on mission minded kids

LINKS I Liked:

The * indicates personal favourites.

  • Music videos for kids. Events for families. Daph and I bought two of his DVDs.
  • Tools to helps kids teach the Gospel to their friends.
  • LEDGE kids: look for “The Great Adventure” trading cards coming this Fall! What a cool idea! Dan Huffman, the creator, also gave us a curriculum DVD and a DVD for families to learn together.
  • Kinda self-explanatory.
  • Definitely like her stuff for young children! “My Learn to Pray Bible” is great.
  • Online Christian books for purchase.
  • Bible navigation resources.
  • and Daph had a fantastic conversation with Karen Rhodes about missions to kids in Belize. She has a passion to get kids to be mission minded, ie. on mission for Jesus all the time. How do you fathom an entire country where 1/3 of the population is 14 and under?
  • Curriculum that goes beyond elementary teaching.
  • Leader in custom dog tags.
  • I’m thinking I need to check this site out a little more! Looks good.
  • Coach D has a passion for seeing fathers spiritually training their children.
  • Great Scripture set to great music planting God’s Word into the hearts of children.
  • They have a young believers discipleship series of booklets that I might look into. Topics such as prayer, baptism, sharing Jesus, etc.
  • This group has a divorce care for kids curriculum.
  • Mother’s of Preschoolers. They’ve been around awhile and have a solid reputation with young moms.


  • Collaborate: Daph and I won this book cuz we’re expecting a child! (Thanks Michael Chanley). A book of ideas for connecting church and family.
  • Parenting Beyond Your Capacity: A book by Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof (pastor of Connexus Church in Barrie, ON). I’m excited to read this one.
  • Seeds Family Worship: Link above…good Scripture music.
  • The Great Adventure Cards: from Tad Pole Tails (link above)
  • The Lamb: This comes in book, powerpoint and DVD formats. I mentioned this in the first CMX post, but wanted to mention it again because I think it does a fantastic job of pulling out the symbolism of the Bible for kids. Go to to see products.

TRAINING Sessions I Liked:

Jim Wideman: Organization

  • “You weren’t born organized, you were born naked.”
  • Organization is a learned behaviour.
  • Organization + order = management (Matthew 25).
  • Be faithful with the small so God will entrust you with much.
  • As believers we are managers of God’s resources, therefore, we must learn to manage them well.
  • Time tools: calendar, timer, deadlines (ie. return calls/emails within 24hrs).
  • Plan your calendar by priorities
  • Preparation: think in steps (ie. break big things into its smaller parts).
  • Know where you’re going and where you are.
  • When you are overwhelmed you are being warned that burnout is close by. Again, break down into increments.
  • Evaluation: track how you actually spend your time, ID time wasters, review priorities each night/week/etc.
  • Delegation: not just duplication, define the role to be delegated, likely someone else can do it.
  • Jim’s top ten:
  • 10: account for your time
  • 9: plan time offensively (say no and yes definitively to the right things)
  • 8: keep priorities in order
  • 7: delegate to the faithful (it’s like returning the favour because you had to learn somehow to)
  • 6: plan for interruptions
  • 5: respond rather than react (hear all sides of story first, say, “I’ll don’t know, but I’ll get back to you.”)
  • 4: don’t procrastinate
  • 3: get help and training
  • 2: plan for growth
  • 1: pray
  • Don’t do business in the hall…make appointments.

Coach D: Fathers

  • Based on Matthew 5:16, do good works to the Father will be glorified
  • “I am who I am, but not who I want to be. So if I’m going to change it has to start with me.”
  • He elevated the term “father” in contrast with “dad” in two acronyms.
  • D-dedicated
  • A-authoritative
  • D-disciplinarian
  • F-faithfully
  • A-adhering
  • T-to
  • H-Heaven’s
  • E-eternal
  • R-righteousness
  • S-system

Karen Rhodes: Mission Minded Kids

  • Evangelism – sharing faith – conversation
  • Discipleship – modeling faith – action
  • Evangelism + Discipleship = Missions
  • Conversation + Action = Impact
  • Being mission minded is a LIFESTYLE not a project or an annual event.
  • Provide a wide variety of serving opportunities for kids
  • Write letters to missionaries

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