A Philosophy of Children’s and Family Ministry (Part 2)

15 12 2011

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Of course there are many challenges when it comes to ministry with children and families. As mentioned in the rationale, people have sinned and are separated from God and therefore, need that relationship repaired. So sin is the number one challenge. Leaders, parents, extended families and children are tempted to go after the pleasures of this world while forsaking the eternal pleasures in the next world. This leaves the whole world and our local communities in one large mess. To attempt to minister to children and families and not prioritize countering this human problem is folly.

So I believe one of the greatest truths we can teach our families is repentance. The Bible, over and over, calls people to turn from their sin, back to their Creator. Children are no exception. In fact, if this habit of repentance can be instilled from infancy, it will take hold as a pattern for their life that will lead them to finding hope in God, to fostering healthy relationships, to establishing strong life skills and give them peace for their souls.

Another challenge is to be aware of each child holistically. Dr. Wess Stafford proposes a solid model for this. His perspective is from that of moving children out of extreme poverty, however, it is relevant for all children as well. We cannot be satisfied to only attend to one aspect of a family’s life. We must consider the whole person including economics, health, social, spiritual, learning as well as environment. To do this well we need to know a child’s story, become familiar with their history, their family, their location and their interests. This is critical for positive ministry. This is massive and one leader can’t possibly know all these things or be able to minister in all these areas. Therefore leadership training is essential.

Stafford gives his solution to the challenge of children in poverty. He writes, “I still say that the most loving and strategic thing that can be done for children in poverty is to bring them to their heavenly Father.” That this is true for all children is clear.

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CMX: My Experience Part 2

28 07 2010

Further ideas, resources and links I liked from the Children’s Ministry Expo, 2010 that will benefit children’s ministry leaders as well as parents influence the next generation to walk with Jesus.

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In this article:

  • Links
    • Just a random collection of websites you may want to check out.
  • Resources
    • Parenting, family and church resources worth looking into.
  • Ideas
    • Jim Wideman on organization
    • Coach D on fathering
    • Karen Rhodes on mission minded kids

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Do Disturb Me

29 04 2010


Kids wake me up!

Kids make me laugh!

Kids remind me of God!

Kids make me smile!

Kids are fun!

Kids are interesting!

Kids are valuable!

Kids are curious!

Jesus welcomed them and so will I.

I am a children’s pastor!

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