Proverbs as Parables: The Two Paths

There once were two paths. One was a dark way. The other way was straight. The Dark Way was crooked, twisted and jagged. It was littered with thorns and ankle-breaking cracks in the rocks. The Straight Way was brightly lit. It was clearly marked. Although not without challenge, it brought its travelers safely to the... Continue Reading →

I’m in Training as a Parent Coach!

I'm excited to announce that I'm enrolled in the Parent Coach Certification program with Connected Families! I've been reading books, taking the Discipline that Connects course, receiving personal coaching and training in a cohort with other students from around the world including 2 from Ehtiopia. I'm hopeful for parents and families as more and more... Continue Reading →

Is this Really Worth My Time?

"Is all of this really making a difference?" Steve Adams, Executive Pastor of Children’s Ministry at Saddleback Church in California, asks this question in his book, Children’s Ministry on Purpose. And we all do don’t we? We wonder if our efforts developing children really means anything. Perhaps we should ignore our little ones and not... Continue Reading →

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