Family Rhythm Coaching

Leverage your daily rhythms for greater peace, wisdom and wonder with your family.

Pastor Steve Bourque

father of 3
former foster parent
Pastor of Children and Families
Master’s in Children’s and Family Ministry
certified as a Connected Families Parent Coach

What I offer: private, online parent coaching.

What’s in it for you: I come along aside parents to process parenting challenges and build wise habits rooted in relational connection that is also brain science-informed.

What you need to do: Simply contact me to start an intake.

Family Rhythm Coaching provides an opportunity to process parenting challenges in a safe space. You’ll receive in-depth understanding of the Rhythm and how it impacts your family long-term. You’ll also receive supportive accountability to build habits that build your kids.





Learn the Rhythm

Coaching provides a story-centred approach for daily increasing peace, wisdom and wonder at home. Click here for an overview.

Coaching is relationship-focused and provides wholistic relational targets for strengthening bonds.

Family Rhythm is steeped in the Connected Families Framework. Connected Families has a simple, yet profound biblical, Christ-centred and brain science informed framework that gives you the tools you need to handle the daily parenting struggles and challenges you face with confidence and God’s grace.

Practice the Rhythm

Coaching is habit-driven so ample opportunity will be given to identify key skills and tools for family growth along with time for practice.

What’s Included? 

  1. 5, 1hr-long, online coaching sessions, (spaced three – four weeks apart)
  2. Family Rhythm detailed graphic
  3. Discipline that Connects book
  4. 46-page parent coaching workbook packed with questions, ideas, key reminders and strategies. 

Contact Pastor Steve to Get Started

Please meet with Pastor Steve for a brief intake session. Email: or fill out the contact form on the About page. Then, when you’re ready to begin the coaching experience take some time to fill in the Coaching Client Information and Goals form (you’ll receive the password at the intake).

Book an intake session today.


I think I was pretty anxious, just typical feeling I get in the situation with my kids. The empathy that he provided, just affirming what I was feeling was helpful.

He was very helpful at reframing and rephrasing, like helping me to give words to my son on how he could handle the situation better. It was wonderful…I’m going to take those suggestions home and try them out. Absolutely.


We feel a lot more confident in knowing that we have a guidebook and direction for creating a more peaceful, loving and God-centred home.

We approached pastor Steve to ask him for advice on discipline and he offered to do some coaching sessions with us. We were struggling with a few things at home such as our daughter being defiant when it came time to do school work and resistance at bedtime from both of our middle children…Steve gave us some great examples of questions we could ask our children to soften the mood when they are angry or frustrated. He encouraged us to show curiosity and really try to connect with our kids one-on-one. We tried changing the words we used to let our daughter know when it was time to do school work…and adding in tea time while we read to make learning more fun. This really helped her willingness to listen and learn.

Laura and Manuel

[Family Rhythm holds] great promise for helping families take the Gospel into the everyday patterns of life.

Dr. Denise Muir-Kjesbo

Professor of Children’s and Family Ministry, Bethel Seminary

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