Family Rhythm Coaching

Pastor Steve is a father of 3, a former foster parent, a pastor of children and families, has a Master’s in Children’s and Family Ministry and is working towards obtaining a Connected Families Parent Coaching Certification.

Family Rhythm Coaching provides an opportunity to process parenting challenges in a safe space. You’ll receive in-depth understanding of the Rhythm and how it impacts your family long-term. You’ll also receive supportive accountability to build habits that build your kids.

Learn the Rhythm

Coaching provides a story-centred approach for daily increasing peace and wonder at home.

Coaching is relationship-focused and provides wholistic relational targets for strengthening bonds.

Family Rhythm is steeped in the Connected Families Framework.

Practice the Rhythm

Coaching is habit-driven so ample opportunity will be given to identify key habits and tools for family growth.

Contact Pastor Steve to Get Started

Please meet with Pastor Steve for an initial consult. Then when you’re ready to begin the coaching experience take some time to fill in the Coaching Client Info and Goals form here [link coming soon].

“[Family Rhythm holds] great promise for helping families take the Gospel into the everyday patterns of life.”

~Dr. Denise Muir-Kjesbo

Professor of Children’s and Family Ministry, Bethel Seminary

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