The Girl Named Ungrateful: A Short Story

So there was this girl, her name was Ungrateful. Her mom would wake her in the morning with a sweet kiss and give her her favourite breakfast of blueberry pancakes with whipped cream on top. But she would push her away, snarl, snatch the food and sulk in her bed jamming her finger into the eyes of her plush Angry Birds pillow. Her dad would patiently teach her how to fish, but when she would catch a fish this (<–>) big, she would exaggerate and brag to all her friends that she caught a fish THIS (<———>) BIG all by herself without anyone teaching her or helping her. Her camp counsellor would joke with her, take her to all her crafts, teach her about Jesus, help her clean up the cabin, but not once would she say thank you, in fact, she would even sweep dirt into her counsellor’s sleeping bag. Her grandma would give her $100 for her birthday, but she would complain that it wasn’t $200 and that she wished she had a grandma that actually loved her (I know, how evil!). At school, she would pull off the best cheer ever full of leg kicks, flips and great rhymes, but not ever give credit to the God who made her legs. Then one day, her dad passed on to her the family restaurant business. Grumbling, she took on the manager role. But she never really appreciated the value of a job and so she wouldn’t check her supplies very well, she treated her customers poorly, she would complain when their tips were bad and soon, people weren’t coming to the restaurant anymore. Her workers began showing up late and putting in a terrible effort. Until finally, she had to close down her restaurant. And now she lives in a van down by the river selling “fresh” fish out of the back.

How will you respond to the Creator of the universe who has generously given you so very much to be grateful for? How will you steward his resources?


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