The Boy Named Clueless: A Short Story

Once there was this kid who refused to listen, we’ll call him Clueless. So Clueless didn’t listen to anyone and didn’t care about any warnings.  His dad would say, “Work hard!” But he wouldn’t listen. So he would build his model cars, but they would always fall apart because he didn’t follow the instructions or use the right glue or put the pieces on the right way. His mom would say, “Be careful!” But he wouldn’t listen. So he’d walk down the sidewalk, trip over a tree root and get a pencil stuck in his nose that had to be removed by a doctor with giant pliers! His dad would say, “Do your best!” But he wouldn’t listen. So he would just kick the grass around when he should’ve been running after the soccer ball. Then, because he wasn’t paying attention, he got hit in the head with the ball, kicked in the shins and fell flat on his face right on the spot where the pencil got stuck in his nose. His mom would say, “Be kind to your friends!” But he wouldn’t listen. So he was mean to his friends calling them bubble brains, then they just threw pencils at his nose. And he wondered why he always felt lonely. Until eventually, his mom said, “You’re too close to the edge of that cliff!” But he wouldn’t listen. And nobody’s ever heard from Clueless since.

God has plenty of warnings for you in Scripture. Are you listening?


4 thoughts on “The Boy Named Clueless: A Short Story

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  1. Poor Clueless—unfortunately, I’ve known my fair share of Cluelesses during my time as a children’s minister. What a great chuckle your story gave me! Thanks for making me laugh, and thanks for reminding me to remind my students how important it is to follow the rules and be kind—or else they may end up like Clueless!

  2. The pencils…haha! The most awesome thing about this is that God is not making these things happen to us. They’re the natural consequences of our actions. He still hurts with us when we’re stuck by pencils from all sides, holds us, and cries with us. He’s whispering “I love you. I’m here” and when you turn to him in despair, he’s running to meet you and rejoicing.

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