[Proverbs as Parables]: The Two Paths

There once were two paths. One was a dark way. The other way was straight. The Dark Way was crooked, twisted and jagged. It was littered with thorns and ankle-breaking cracks in the rocks. The Straight Way was brightly lit. It was clearly marked. Although not without challenge, it brought its travelers safely to the... Continue Reading →

[Proverbs as Parables]: The Search (2:1-8)

There once was a boy who loved wisdom, insight and understanding. How do I know? Because he searched for it like he wanted to find the next Fortnite skin! He was begging for a chance to discover it, talking about it when he woke up and when he went to bed, looked up videos that... Continue Reading →

Early Adulthood: Avoiding Loneliness

Early adults (18-40) are craving a life enriched with intimate and committed relationships. Yet many are experiencing perpetual loneliness. More than many realize, loneliness contributes to many illnesses and depressive tendencies. This week make a concerted effort to extend friendship to someone in your community. Authentic friendships will do more to change the world than... Continue Reading →

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