Credit: Forever Welcomed…and Thankful

You keep on making me see  it’s way beyond me. -Toby Mac Was there no one found to return and to give thanks and praise to God, except this foreigner? -Luke 17:18 Outsiders gain great appreciation when they are accepted to become insiders. In reality, we are all outsiders until God shows grace and we... Continue Reading →

What If Jesus Didn’t Have Power Over Evil? (A Short Story)

One day, Jesus went for an afternoon of sunbathing on his fancy boat. He was so excited to waste the day sipping lemonade, lying around and avoiding people except a couple friends. Of course there's nothing wrong with resting once in awhile, but...well, you'll see. However, he eventually got tired of that so he wanted... Continue Reading →

6 Reasons to Attend Church More Often

Have you taken a moment lately to consider the value of church attendance? Attending weekly services is good for many reasons. Also, church is not just about the traditional services. Church really gets cooking when you join a small group…and eat good cooking together. Whatever your current church involvement is, consider these six reasons to... Continue Reading →


Stress. Can you feel your stomach tighten and your face contort just thinking about that word? Children can be a source of stress, but play is a wonderful antidote to anxiety. Play can soften the toughest of kids and play can bring about greater family or group health. Most importantly, play is a gift from God... Continue Reading →

Nicaragua Family Rhythm Conference Highlights

My wife, Daphne, and I recently travelled to Nicaragua to train family ministry leaders. We were privileged to be invited as part of a pastoral training team working with Threefold Ministries. We taught two family ministry conferences while the remainder of the team organized details and collaboratively led the ministry couples conferences. The people attending... Continue Reading →

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