6 Reasons to Attend Church More Often

Have you taken a moment lately to consider the value of church attendance? Attending weekly services is good for many reasons. Also, church is not just about the traditional services. Church really gets cooking when you join a small group…and eat good cooking together.

Whatever your current church involvement is, consider these six reasons to attend church a little more often:

  1. Meaningful Relationships. When we regularly rub shoulders with people in a positive environment it facilitates good connections and reminds us of our need for others.
  2. Inspiration. The realities of life are tough. We can all use refreshing insights.
  3. Meets Contribution Needs. We want our life to mean something. Church is a fantastic opportunity to serve people and build into them.
  4. Improves Moods. Yes, yes it does.
  5. Passes on Generational Values. If regular church life is a positive experience for the next generation they are more likely to stick with it throughout life or return to it later in life if they’ve left. Read up.
  6. Big Picture Reminder. Church is bigger than just me. Life is bigger than just me. Remember your Creator, Jesus. He has grand plans.
Photo credit: www.wikipedia.org
Photo credit: http://www.wikipedia.org

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