VIDEO: Nicaragua Family Rhythm Conferences 2015

The teaching of Family Rhythm goes beyond good parenting practices, which it does well. Family Rhythm acknowledges the pain and disconnection, or you could say the absence of rhythm, in our relationships and holds out the hope that we can continuously move closer to better and better relationships by getting caught up in the simple Family Rhythm story (see... Continue Reading →


In relationships, winning can be difficult to identify. In ministry, to me, winning relationships are marked by the presence of Christ. I'm not talking about flashes of light or some awesome supernatural experiences, which on occasion throughout history have happened. I just mean the simple awareness that God is close and making us a little more... Continue Reading →

6 Reasons to Attend Church More Often

Have you taken a moment lately to consider the value of church attendance? Attending weekly services is good for many reasons. Also, church is not just about the traditional services. Church really gets cooking when you join a small group…and eat good cooking together. Whatever your current church involvement is, consider these six reasons to... Continue Reading →

Five Actions for Forming a Strong Family Rhythm

Below are five simple action steps for each part of the Family Rhythm cycle. Right relationship: establish core family values. Relationship broken: acknowledge realities and eliminate "sap suckers!"Repercussions: understand life-stage development, then discover and apply relevant and effective training methods.Repentance: model and expect authentic transformation more than just the flippant, "I'm sorry." Restoration: keep a constant view... Continue Reading →

Creative Family Relationship Builders

Right Relationship Ideas (not a comprehensive list) For ideas on improving your family rhythm visit Family Rhythm on Twitter or Facebook. Building right relationships in your home takes a little planning. Start with two or three ideas to master. Later you can build on them. Consistent, yet small improvements are more influential than fizzled big... Continue Reading →

Herman and Communication!

I'm currently taking a class called Hermeneutics. It has nothing to do with comics or anyone named Herman. It's a Fancy Nancy word for understanding or interpretation. In my case, it's specifically the skill of effectively interpreting Scripture. One of the challenging aspects of hermeneutics is it's complexity along with the striving that is necessary... Continue Reading →

Cloud-Townsend, Leadership, Dating, Marriage, Parenting, Relationships …

Cloud-Townsend, Leadership, Dating, Marriage, Parenting, Relationships .... Get familiar with Henry Cloud and John Townsend for help on many issues including dating, faith, parenting, marriage, leadership and relationships among other things. Their website has some really short and helpful video clips. They've written books like Boundaries, Raising Great Kids, Integrity and many more.

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