Creative Family Relationship Builders

Right Relationship Ideas (not a comprehensive list)

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Building right relationships in your home takes a little planning. Start with two or three ideas to master. Later you can build on them. Consistent, yet small improvements are more influential than fizzled big improvements. Work this out in the context of YOUR family. Not all families are alike. When ideas fail, don’t give up, get back on rhythm!

Establish meaningful rituals and traditions

Church, family game nights, special meals, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, stories, cooking together, etc.

Bedtime rituals: Brush teeth, bath, stories, songs, doodle pad, prayer

Remain flexible

Plan a rhythm, but understand things can change

Read together: Morning, after school, dinner, bedtime

Eat together: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, treats, when will work best for your family?

Play together: Weekends, whenever, diaper changes, getting ready, get on the floor, go on an adventure, camp, canoe, climb, hike, swim, take people with you, get out of the house

Talk together (and listen): Dinner, while walking or driving, family meetings, plan/dream together, be a student of your family

Create together: Fix something, get crafty, build something

Date each other: Spontaneous trips, regular trips, go for lunch with your parents

Affirm each other: Always look for each other’s strengths, leave home on a positive note, be a cheerleader, don’t be a downer

Show affection: Wrestle, hug, kiss, high-five, write a letter

Instruct: Formal and informal, dinner, special times, reinforce from church (place take homes in convenient locations), during times of discipline, maximize teachable moments, memory verses, book study, Bible study

Pray together: at the start of the day, meals, bedtime, crisis moments, exciting moments, teach the value of thankfulness

Work together: Team chores/projects, involve others with patience, age-appropriate responsibilities

Serve together: Volunteer somewhere, give gifts, sponsor a child, show hospitality, visit the elderly

Broader circle: Surround yourselves with others, connect to your child’s leader’s at church, get involved in the community, gain healthy relationships/small groups

Be there: Just being around communicates volumes!

Stories! Audio, visual, life, shared experiences, memories, acted, told, slideshows, etc.

God: How is he a real part of your family? Visual reminders, conversations, worship, talk about and model the Gospel EVERYDAY in different ways.


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