[Proverbs as Parables] Super Clair

Super Clair could see more than the average Clair. Or Joe. Or Sam. Or Erin. In fact, while the average kid could only see, smell, touch, hear or taste what was around them, Super Clair could also sometimes do these same things for other people in different places altogether! On top of that, she could... Continue Reading →

[Proverbs as Parables]: Jaqueline the Racoon Loves Trash

Jaqueline the racoon LOVED trash. She loved the sliminess. She loved the smells. She especially loved the sound of metal trash cans when they tipped over and crashed on the concrete driveway scaring away all the rodents.  Photo by Abi Zara on Pexels.com She loved trash like pirates love gold, like princesses love silver and... Continue Reading →

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