New Cover Photo

So I've put a new cover photo up for this blog that I think captures the purpose of my blog well. We had some shots done of our family (by Katy Hersey, and I liked the idea of showing our feet in action. My boy is running, one of my girls is dancing, my... Continue Reading →

Foreign Policy: Invisible Children responds « Invisible Children Blog

Foreign Policy: Invisible Children responds « Invisible Children Blog. You may have heard of Invisible Children or #kony2012 or Jason Russell by now. Before quickly blowing them off or becoming cynical to yet another crisis in the world consider what you have done to demonstrate God's justice in the world. Show compassion Seek justice Serve... Continue Reading →

Double-Lung Transplant for My 18 Year-Old Cousin

Lung transplantation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I have a cousin. Her name is Tara. She is 18. She has Cystic Fibrosis. Her lungs have failed her. She is right now awaiting a double-lung transplant. These kinds of things bring us back to what really matters. Family, reconciliation, friends, faith, wisdom, hope. Praying for you,... Continue Reading →

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