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17 01 2012 | Building A Courageous Home.

Based on the movie Courageous, comes a website designed to equip dads and families with tools for building a courageous home. Check out some great ideas!

Top Five Family Habits

2 12 2011


Wes Stafford, president of Compassion International is a huge advocate for children of all kinds poor or rich. Here are his five habits for families:

1. Make an unbending commitment to the magical moments of bedtime.
2. Arrange leisure time with a view to minimizing absence from kids.
3. Refuse to let media push kids aside.
4. Sponsor a child as a discipleship tool.
5. Establish a weekly family night.

Help! My Child is Making Bad Choices!

6 04 2011

As parents, we want to pass on good values to our children. We want them to grow up making right choices. We’d love to see them develop great character, excel in school, have long-lasting friendships and live with wisdom. As complex and pressure-packed as these goals may feel, accomplishing them doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

The Bible talks about having conversations with your children regularly about faith and God’s Word. Talk about faith when you’re hanging out in your backyard, when you’re driving to your camping destination, when you sit down together at dinner, as you help your children doze off at night and during the rush of getting ready for the day (Deuteronomy 6:4-7). Just talk. Tell lots of stories (personal, Bible, missionary, friends), ask open-ended questions (ie. questions that require more than yes or no answers) or give a word of encouragement.

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Conversation Starters-Provocative Questions from TableTopics

2 02 2011

Conversation Starters-Provocative Questions from TableTopics.

Stimulate meaningful family discussions around the dinner table, in the car, on date nights and more! Check it out.

Parenting | Kidmin at Home (via Dan Scott Blog)

19 10 2010

While our church does not use 252 Basics, there are some principles here in this blog that translate very easily. In other words, just change the titles of the resources to LEDGE Connection and the Living Inside Out at Home page. Good stuff!

As most of you know, I’m a HUGE 252Basics fan. I love all things Orange and champion them whenever I can. What I love most about the curriculum is that it’s a strategy that encourages a partnership between what’s happening at church and what’s happening at home. Meaning, the curriculum assumes that I, as a parent, am part of the learning process for my child. When this light bulb finally came on for me as a parent (not just as the children’s past … Read More


Bible Jeopardy Game for Family Time

24 08 2010

Click on the link below for a simple game you can use to teach your kids about the Bible. It’s from Focus Parenting (ie. Focus on the Family).

Mealtime Moments-Jeopardy

CMX: My Experience Part 2

28 07 2010

Further ideas, resources and links I liked from the Children’s Ministry Expo, 2010 that will benefit children’s ministry leaders as well as parents influence the next generation to walk with Jesus.

(For part 1 click here).

In this article:

  • Links
    • Just a random collection of websites you may want to check out.
  • Resources
    • Parenting, family and church resources worth looking into.
  • Ideas
    • Jim Wideman on organization
    • Coach D on fathering
    • Karen Rhodes on mission minded kids

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