Help! My Child is Making Bad Choices!

As parents, we want to pass on good values to our children. We want them to grow up making right choices. We’d love to see them develop great character, excel in school, have long-lasting friendships and live with wisdom. As complex and pressure-packed as these goals may feel, accomplishing them doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

The Bible talks about having conversations with your children regularly about faith and God’s Word. Talk about faith when you’re hanging out in your backyard, when you’re driving to your camping destination, when you sit down together at dinner, as you help your children doze off at night and during the rush of getting ready for the day (Deuteronomy 6:4-7). Just talk. Tell lots of stories (personal, Bible, missionary, friends), ask open-ended questions (ie. questions that require more than yes or no answers) or give a word of encouragement.

Read on for a great video clip and resource ideas.

Beyond having regular faith conversations, we can also intentionally lead family devotions. Perhaps you have reservations about this? Leading family devotions can be challenging. Some parents may feel a little intimidated. Some parents are aloof or simply unwilling. Some are ready to lead, but are unsure how to go about it. Devotions are really just tools to get conversation going.You CAN do it and it doesn’t have to be complicated! Let’s make this a max priority together now, because they grow up so fast.

For what it does NOT look like and what it could look like watch this clip:

Keys for Kids has been around awhile and is known for great short stories that can spur on faith conversations. Click here for Keys for Kids and more.

While there are many resources, here are two I recommend:

Gather Round the Dinner Fable by Steven James (creative parables to read and discuss)

Family Faith by Steve Bourque (a booklet to jumpstart a family’s journey toward making Jesus the centre, available at Bluewater Baptist Church/my church)

How do you help your child make great choices?


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