Devotion: Connecting Belief to Life

19 05 2015

Saying you’re devoted┬áto something and being devoted to that thing are vastly different things. Deep down, you know the difference. Deep down, I know the difference. The real question is, “Will we care enough to move from saying we’re devoted┬áto really being devoted?”

Don’t Be an Expert

30 09 2014

Faith is too big and complicated of a journey to claim to be an expert. Take the load off!

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Background to the Keep Calm slogan:

Making Faith Part of Everyday Life

1 03 2013

Making Faith Part of Everyday Life, Part 1.

This article is a thoughtful look at building faith conversations into your daily rhythms and routines. Worth a click!

Launching Your Child’s Faith: Too Hard or Too Scary? – Focus on the Family

14 12 2012

Launching Your Child’s Faith: Too Hard or Too Scary? – Focus on the Family.

Help for the everyday parent leading their child in faith.

The Importance of Ministry to Children & Families | Kidmin360

31 10 2012


The Importance of Ministry to Children & Families (graphic) | Kidmin360.

Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas

30 06 2012

Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas

The true account of Perpetua and Felicitas is a fascinating look at faith in the moment of fierce trial. Both young women, one with child and one pregnant were determined to hold fast to their faith even up being thrown to wild beasts. Nothing could deter them! This link will take you to their story. Enjoy!

If you like this story, you and your children will also love watching the Torchlighters version of it.

Inside Out Families-A Brief Impression of the Book

22 05 2012

This book by Diana Garland is a good read that has a good focus on families who give more than receive. In this impression I look at the purpose of the book, stories that move us to action and a simple plan for empowering churches to empower their people to serve.

The purpose of the book was clear: “the heart of family ministry is equipping families together for a life of Christian service to others beyond themselves, to turn themselves inside out in a calling larger than their own daily life together” (11). This helps families stay stuck to the church. The goal is “to focus your attention on ministry through families more than ministry to families” (11). While it is true that we do need to minister to families, there is a profound difference here I think. As families determine to put aside a victim mentality where the church and community must serve them, they can put on a mentality of service that ushers them into God’s grand narrative of restoring all people to himself. This gives me tingles!

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