I Love You My Little Man [Parable Based on the Book of Malachi]

Today I had the privilege of preaching at my church. Doesn't happen too often, but when I do I often find myself looking for a creative outlet. Writing stories can really draw out the point in the fashion of Jesus' parables. The prophet Malachi provides a very interesting way of writing using a Father asking... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Nicaragua Family Rhythm Conferences 2015

The teaching of Family Rhythm goes beyond good parenting practices, which it does well. Family Rhythm acknowledges the pain and disconnection, or you could say the absence of rhythm, in our relationships and holds out the hope that we can continuously move closer to better and better relationships by getting caught up in the simple Family Rhythm story (see... Continue Reading →

Five Actions for Forming a Strong Family Rhythm

Below are five simple action steps for each part of the Family Rhythm cycle. Right relationship: establish core family values. Relationship broken: acknowledge realities and eliminate "sap suckers!"Repercussions: understand life-stage development, then discover and apply relevant and effective training methods.Repentance: model and expect authentic transformation more than just the flippant, "I'm sorry." Restoration: keep a constant view... Continue Reading →

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