A Minty Fresh Family Night

From Heritage Builders

Caution: This family night activity might cause children to watch their words.

Goal: To emphasize the power of the tongue for good or bad.

A Minty Fresh Family Night: There is toothpaste all over the plastic covered table. Four young kids are having the time of their lives squeezing the paste out of the tube-trying to expunge every drop like Dad told them to. “Okay,” says Dad, slapping a twenty-dollar bill onto the table. “The first person to get the toothpaste back into their tube gets this money!” Little hands begin working to shove the peppermint pile back into rolled up tubes – with very limited success. “We can’t do it, Dad!” protests the youngest child. “The Bible tells us that’s just like your tongue. Once the words come out, it’s impossible to get them back in. You need to be careful what you say because you may wish you could take it back.” responds Dad in a calm and reassuring voice. An unforgettable impression is made.


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