Bible Jeopardy Game for Family Time

Click on the link below for a simple game you can use to teach your kids about the Bible. It’s from Focus Parenting (ie. Focus on the Family).

Mealtime Moments-Jeopardy

2 thoughts on “Bible Jeopardy Game for Family Time

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  1. Families are always so busy these days, running from work to home to practice and everywhere else. The dinner table has become the best place for spending quality time with family. Bible jeopardy is a great way for the whole family to bond over dinner and to also learn. I’ll suggest playing this game at my dinner table. Keep the games coming!

  2. Agreed Mary-Kate. Just click on the “family time” tag (in the tag cloud on the right-hand panel) for a couple other games. I’m sure the list will grow as I believe it’s so important for families to play and get into the Bible together.

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