Chat Show (Volume 1, Issue 4): A Chicken, an Optical Illusion and more!

21 08 2010

In this issue: a chicken, an optical illusion, why I wanted to be a pastor and more! Have fun reading the kid writing!

Joke: Why did the chicken cross the playground? Answer: too get to the other slide. get it other slide! J.G., Gr.2.

Comments: Optikel elusin. PS. Calafonya is grate. // Ahh, the illusion of going down a hall.

U R A pastor. B.H., Gr.2 // I guess I have nothing important to say as indicated by the “bla, bla.”
Mystery comment (prize if you can read it!):
Picture by E.B., Gr.4Questions: Whou do you think rote this? E.B., Gr.4 // Well, unless you’re not the person who signed then you are E.B. šŸ™‚
Wy did you want to be a pastor? P.K., Gr.1 // I wanted to be a pastor so I can help kids and families know, love and follow Jesus. I think His way is the best way and living life with Him is an exciting adventure. So I love doing things to help other join the adventure!



2 responses

8 09 2010
Peter Bierma

Hey there, caught your blog on This shows I’ve somehow learned something in my two years as children’s director… the mystery comment reads:

“How are you doing today?
Look in a mirror.”

8 09 2010

Yup. I couldn’t figure it out after asking several people including a speech pathologist. Finally, a relative figured it out. Good job.

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