Being Humbled by Reading Scripture

14 05 2012

For my Genesis to Ruth class in seminary, we were asked to write some words on how God has been speaking to us. My one word would be “humbled.” One of the ways God continually speaks to me, and this course is making me rethink, is about the complexity of his character and my limited understanding. Particularly having just read through Joshua, how is God just when he commands the death of children (ie. Achan and his children stoned to death)??? I understand that the people God is dealing with such as Egyptians and the Canaanites have stored up God’s wrath and he is dealing justly. I wonder if God let the children live then they’d be worse off because they’d be orphaned and perhaps he just would rather take them to heaven. I also see that God is a covenant keeping God who shows steadfast love to those who love him and keep his commands. There are great consequences for disobedience and great blessings for faithfulness. Whenever I come to places of misunderstanding like this, I can either choose to get depressed or angry or I can resign myself to humility and let God be God even when I do not understand all of the complexities of his character. Along these lines, God has been using the course to deepen my appreciation for looking deeply into Scripture. There is much complexity in how each individual passage is written, which is made more intricate as these passages are woven together. On top of that, seeing how each book builds on the others and reveals more of God’s glory and power amazes even more. And this is just the first few books of the Bible! Read the rest of this entry »

FREE Illustrated Bible

28 04 2011

FREE Illustrated Bible.

I grew up on the ICB (International Children’s Bible). Now it comes complete with thousands of illustrations in a comic book style! Click the link to get free selections of stories and entire books.

Chat Show (Vol.2, Iss.6): Is Jesus Real, Despicable Me, Adam and Eve, Flying and More

1 03 2011

This week’s issue of Chat Show (with Pastor Steve) brings a large array of topics from a honeycomb, to Genesis, to an unknown ‘Bob,’ to Jesus. Dive into the mirky waters of my brain as I dive into the wonderful world of kids (specifically, Bluewater Church kids).

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New Animated Video Series Teaching Theology to Children

18 02 2011

Theo Presents is a new animated series designed to teach theology to children. The artwork is highly professional. The content is sound. The creativity is captivating. View a free video when you click on the link.

Episodes | Theo – Teaching Children God’s Word.

Chat Show (Vol.2, Iss.4): Invader Zim, Manga and March Break Games Pics

15 02 2011

Check out the latest Chat Show. I didn’t get anything from kids this last time, but there are some great pictures in it! (Click on link and please let me know if you have troubles).

Chat Show.Vol.2.Iss.4

Chat Show (Vol.2, Iss.3): Pictures, Not Cool, Heaven, Mario Game, God’s Existence and More!

15 02 2011

One of my favourite things is getting inside the mind of a child. Here is a sample from the minds of kids at our church including some of their humourous and serious thoughts. Please click on the pdf file for the show!

Chat Show.Vol.2.Iss.3

What’s in the Bible

26 01 2011

What’s in the Bible.



I’m on a bit of a resources kick lately! Here’s another great one! Bible colleges are finding that students are coming into their schools more Biblically illiterate than in the past. They struggle with basics such as how to find books of the Bible or what order the big stories come along with fundamental theology. What’s in the Bible was created to curb that deficiency. You can help your children with these basics and more when you pick up What’s in the Bible? DVDs. Do it!


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