Be Honest « Be The Dad Today

29 11 2012

Be Honest « Be The Dad Today.

A good reality check for dads!

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Dick and Rick Hoyt Today Show Story | All Pro Dad Blog

17 06 2012


Dick and Rick Hoyt Today Show Story | All Pro Dad Blog.

Fatherlessness in Canada

17 06 2012

Fatherlessness in Canada, statistics, fatherlessness children studies.

The power of a daddy’s presence is massive. So great that when Jesus died, he called out, “Father, why have you forsaken me?” The greatest consequence of our sin is separation from the Father’s love. The greatest reward of forgiveness is closeness to the Father! Jesus took the greatest consequence and in return provides us with the greatest reward. Dads, BE THERE for your kids! | Building A Courageous Home

17 01 2012 | Building A Courageous Home.

Based on the movie Courageous, comes a website designed to equip dads and families with tools for building a courageous home. Check out some great ideas!

Dads, Consider the Impact of Availability – Desiring God

20 10 2011




Dads, Consider the Impact of Availability – Desiring God.

Dads, don’t miss this article!

Dungy’s Diaries: Fathers Abandoning Their Kids

3 02 2011

Dungy’s Diaries» Blog Archive » Fathers Abandoning Their Kids

What our families need most are dads who are present. They need to be present physically, spiritually, socially, morally, emotionally; their whole person needs to be proactively involved in the lives of their kids. Thanks Tony Dungy for All Pro Dad. Click on the link for a video thought from Coach Tony.


Live the Dad Life (with funny video)

12 08 2010

The following is from Family Minute. Definitely check out the video dads!

Men, are you living the Dad Life?

My friend, George, tells me before he and his wife had children, life was quite a bit different.  Marriage felt like being on a constant date!  Spare time was golfing with buddies and going to sporting events.  Before he was a dad, he thought restaurants should offer no-kid sections!  Then it happened.  He became a dad.  Now, nothing sounds as good as a child’s laughter, and he has traded in time with buddies in favor of biking with his kids.  He still has date night with his wife, but he also has one on one time with each of his children.  He’s living the Dad life, and loving every minute of it.  Speaking of the Dad Life, watch this video for an amusing glimpse.

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