Chat Show (Volume 1, Issue 2)

Here’s another installment of my Chat Show that I do each week in church to interact with our kids!

Joke: What kind of band does a wife have? A husband. J. Age 10 (If I don’t have any jokes from our own kids I check out

Swim Meet: I got to go to Hayden’s swim meet today! Good job buddy. I encourage kids to invite me to their stuff.

DEVOTE to Jesus means putting Him 1st. (Every lesson we do lines up with one of the 5 most important things we want kids to know as found in our logo: LEDGE.)

Questions: Is the story the little drummer boy true? B.T. Gr.4 // A: No, it’s a made up song written in 1941.

Do you have any good band names? B.T. Gr.4 //A: There’s lots!! I like Newsboy, Third Day, Need to Breathe, Toby Mac, Hillsong Kids…


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