Little Big Things

I spent a couple hours today with a group of kindergarten and grade one kids. Not a big deal really. We had some popcorn and a movie.

Or is it a big deal? I think maybe it is.

One boy, when his mother asked if he still wanted to come to the party, came quickly when called. Rubbing shoulders with each child while there, I knew the kids wanted to be there.

A phrase I remember hearing from my dad is that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. A young child may not heap praise on you for just being a friend to them. But being a friend is no little thing. Those little acts of friendship go a VERY long way.

Ministry to children needs more than just knowing and talking about the Bible, it requires living it and really caring. Part of living it in a way that kids will receive it is getting into their world. This can include getting a bunch of kids together, with volunteers who care, to play and watch a movie.

The kids that came to this will remember it for a long time. It is an act that sinks deep into their minds. Thoughts may go something like these: “People at my church like me and want me to have fun. I like church. I can make friends at church. Hmm, I wonder who this Jesus is they keep talking about? ”

I’m thankful for the volunteers who took the time and initiative to care.

For parents as well as children’s ministry volunteers, taking this principle to heart in increasing measures may just revolutionize our church and community!

A little care makes a big difference! I wonder what difference a lot of care coming from a lot of people will make?


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