Middle Adulthood: Leaving Your Mark

17 03 2016

Middle adults (40-65) are at a critical juncture. They are realizing the brevity of life and their unique opportunity to build a nurturing and equipping legacy filled with deep meaning. This is not the time to fade out or burn out! You have life experience to share! Fan your desire to contribute to the next generation.

Our lives become the sum of all whom we have loved.

-George E. Vaillant

We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord…

-Psalm 78:4

There are many endeavours that the middle adult can be involved in. Career enrichment, family satisfaction, business decisions, investment securities, health improvement, etc. Life at this time can be very full and flourishing. Yet, if not handled well, can become empty, stagnate and stale.

You may begin to ask yourself questions like these,

What do people get for all their work? Why do they work so hard on this earth?

-Ecclesiastes 1:3

But when your life is lived for others and not for self, you will begin to move toward deep satisfaction and not toward bitterness, resentment or callousness.

Individuals at this stage of life who recognize that meaningful care is the hallmark of an enduring legacy will enrich their own lives as well.

Here are some ways to really care:

  • Tell stories to children
  • Find someone to mentor…fast
  • Donate from what you have acquired
  • Volunteer your time any way you can
  • Teach the unique skill set you have developed
  • Build something that will last
  • Play games with children
  • Put less value on your physical traits and more value on your contributions
  • Find contentment with whatever you have and have become
  • Discover how you can maximize and share your life experience and practiced abilities
  • Don’t run from the reality that declines in your body are coming, but face it with grace
  • Find ways to challenge and stimulate your mind, body and spirit
  • You may be launching children, but don’t neglect opportunities to connect
  • Don’t run from your aging parents, but keep them close and take care of them
  • Spend time with children and really listen to them

Lord, help us to age with impact.

Purpose: Created to Care

6 10 2015

We were created to love. We were created to give. We were created to care.

-Sue Miller and Adam Duckworth

You will never know fulfillment, deep satisfaction and gratifying joy until you serve. The more you strive to feed your greed, the more you’ll feel your gut in a rut. You’ll remain empty until you empty yourself for others. My bent is helping children and families know and follow God. What’s yours? Get after it!

Lord, forgive me for only living for me. Excite my soul as I seek and find ways to pour love into someone else.

We are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works.

-Ephesians 2:10

Little Big Things

24 04 2010

I spent a couple hours today with a group of kindergarten and grade one kids. Not a big deal really. We had some popcorn and a movie.

Or is it a big deal? I think maybe it is.

One boy, when his mother asked if he still wanted to come to the party, came quickly when called. Rubbing shoulders with each child while there, I knew the kids wanted to be there.

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