Early Adulthood: Avoiding Loneliness

8 03 2016

Early adults (18-40) are craving a life enriched with intimate and committed relationships. Yet many are experiencing perpetual loneliness. More than many realize, loneliness contributes to many illnesses and depressive tendencies. This week make a concerted effort to extend friendship to someone in your community. Authentic friendships will do more to change the world than most anything!


Loneliness is a distressing, painful experience which humans…want to avoid.

-Kraus, Davis, Bazzini, Church, Kirchman

Now you are my friends.

-Jesus (John 15:15)

As Erik Erikson summarizes, loneliness can lead early adults to promiscuity or exclusivity, both dangerous extremes.

The pursuit of this phase is committed intimacy.

Commitment in relationships will lead to long-lasting satisfaction including emotional and mental health. Here are some suggestions for moving toward committed intimacy:

  • Find a group to be a part of such as sports, music, crafts, hobbies, reading, arts, etc.
  • Connect with a small group at church
  • Find opportunities to volunteer and give back with others
  • Study God’s plan for marriage and make the decision to marry very carefully
  • Make life-long learning a habit you do not just on your own, but with others also
  • Network in a way that adds value to others
  • Find a mentor…fast!
  • Mend broken family relationships or seek ways to connect or reconnect intentionally with family members
  • Look for ways to be of service to employers, colleagues or employees
  • Be aware that loneliness may peak at this phase, but can decrease from here on out as commitment increases
  • More than likely, you will begin to stabilize in the community you are a part of as your relationship habits solidify.

Lord, make loneliness disappear!

Chat Show (Vol.2, Iss.7): Minecraft, a Monkey, Muddy Waters and More

29 03 2011

Dive into this issue to catch a glimpse of what kids are curious about. There’s a new game called Minecraft, strange names like Muddy Waters, friendship, Peter’s denial of Jesus and more.

Use the arrows to move around in the slide show or press stop to stay a little longer on a particular slide.

Please note, that when I include references to games, movies and other forms of entertainment, I am not necessarily recommending them, but simply creating awareness of what kids are interested in.

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Little Big Things

24 04 2010

I spent a couple hours today with a group of kindergarten and grade one kids. Not a big deal really. We had some popcorn and a movie.

Or is it a big deal? I think maybe it is.

One boy, when his mother asked if he still wanted to come to the party, came quickly when called. Rubbing shoulders with each child while there, I knew the kids wanted to be there.

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