Fostering Success

Athletes train. Pianists practice. Firefighters do drills. What about Christians? “Train yourself for Godliness” (1 Timothy 4:7).

Consider what you want to improve on. Do you need to foster the habit of prayer or Bible study? (My goal is to read for a few minutes each morning then go for a 10 minute walk to pray, meditate on what I read and get mentally prepared for the day). How about resisting the urge to gossip? Tithing? There is something God is pressing on your heart that needs changing.

Don’t be overwhelmed with the weight of what needs changing. Consider the habits of professionals. They zone in on what they need to change, they get a coach, they build in a very specific, daily ritual and they train. The ritual is important. What it does is when it is repeated over and over it becomes second nature. You don’t really have to think about it anymore. It enters your DNA.

Take gossip, for example. A ritual you could introduce would be whenever you get the urge to share a juicy detail you plan in a new thought process. Instead of thinking about the good feeling you get when you talk about someone else, consider how that person might react if they heard you say it. Your mantra might be, “I won’t say anything malicious.” You could probably come up with something better for your situation.

I found a resource that you may find helpful if you have kids, but even for yourself. Your job as a parent is to train your kids. You can build in habits that will shape them for their entire life! If you’re intentional about this you can foster Godly success in your kids.

The following is an excerpt from iMom:

Today’s Espresso Minute
…To start your day.

April 22, 2010

100 Days in a Row

My friend’s 8-year-old daughter is trying to practice her violin 100 days in a row.  She’s on day 30 now and her sense of accomplishment is powerful.  What could you encourage your children to do 100 days in a row?  Make their bed?  Feed the dog?  Read a chapter in a book?

Use our Discuss It: You Can Do It! with your kids to choose a goal, then print our “I Can Do It!” 25 Day Chart to get started.  After your child masters 25 days they can attempt the 50 or 100 Day Charts.  Be sure to celebrate their daily successes with these fun and motivational prize and celebration ideas, and give them their very own Award Certificate for a job well done!

Comment on today’s Espresso Minute.

Tonight’s Pillow Talk
…To end your day.

Let’s try to do something ________ days in a row.  What could you do?  What could I do?


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