Nicaragua Family Rhythm Conference Highlights

My wife, Daphne, and I recently travelled to Nicaragua to train family ministry leaders. We were privileged to be invited as part of a pastoral training team working with Threefold Ministries. We taught two family ministry conferences while the remainder of the team organized details and collaboratively led the ministry couples conferences. The people attending... Continue Reading →

Babies help unlock the origins of morality – CBS News

Babies help unlock the origins of morality - CBS News. Do babies have an innate sense of right and wrong, justice and desire for punishment, bias towards others who are like them and against those who are not like them, greed for personal gain at the expense of others? Evolutionary thinking and theological preferences aside,... Continue Reading →

7 Family Habits to Strengthen Relationships

The book called Parenting Beyond Your Capacity has a chapter discussing family rhythms. Every family has a rhythm, but not all rhythms are deliberate and strategic. Not all families have a plan, but every family settles into patterns, habits and rhythms that shape their lives together. I want to have a family that doesn't drift off into... Continue Reading →

Behaviour Modification or Biblical Correction?

I've been thinking about my use of consequences as I parent and lead children. Consequences are a powerful motivator for making right choices and avoiding the wrong. So they are needed for guiding children. However, there is a word of caution for relying solely on consequences. Relying on them is merely behaviour modification. This is... Continue Reading →

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