The Life Rhythm You MUST Groove To

The little choices you make today shape your life. They establish habits and rhythms that will lead you down a path you may or may not want to go. The over-arching rhythm I am going to urge you to adopt must be checked and re-checked daily or you will settle into nothingness. But if you stay in tune with this rhythm, you will find what you’ve always wanted.

A rhythm is a pattern, best seen in music. It is a repeated pattern of movement or sound. It’s systematic, not haphazard. It is designed, developed and purposeful. The author puts it together and arranges it artistically. A good rhythm is filled with beauty, power, strength and inspiration. You see it in poetry that challenges your thinking and moves your emotions. You find it in wonderful colour combinations, lines and shapes to form stunning artwork.

You also find it in life.

It’s there when you wake up and when you go to sleep. You know it in the daily grind of work. You see relationships quickly establish healthy or not so healthy patterns. Money comes in, money goes out. Emotions rise and fall or sadly never change at all. And so your life is what it is. But does life merely happen to us or do we have a part in writing the song and dance?

There are many rhythms in life, but I see one rhythm that we must groove to. It is more than paying bills or chewing gum. It is more than changing a diaper; this changes everything! The rhythm, once understood, can be leveraged into everything you face in life. It will be what you dream about. You will revisit it moment by moment because you can’t get enough of it. You will tirelessly pursue it and find that it has been pursuing you. You won’t want anything else because this rhythm has everything you could possibly hope for.

The rhythm you want is the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ. It is your peace with God, your hope in God and your love for God. May it continuously cycle throughout your life, day and night. There are five main parts to this delightful cycle.

  1. Right Relationship
  2. Relationship Broken
  3. Repercussions
  4. Remorse
  5. Restoration

In the beginning God created everything right. All was good. Relationships were perfect. Sin broke what was good, separated us from God and left us for dead. The ground was cursed and our pain multiplied. We desired pleasure, but found it not in God, but in sin. However, some of us choose remorse. That feeling of deep sorrow over wrongdoing. It leads us to the deep desire for the right relationship with God that was lost. We find it at the cross, the place where we remember the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus so that all who desire it may come to God and be restored.

This must be our daily posture. It affects our marriages, our families, our work, our friendships. As we turn from sin to God we find our peace and our satisfaction. Have you been arguing senselessly with your spouse? Repent and seek restoration. Are your children defiant? Show them how relationships break down and how repentance can mend them. Are you running ragged, bouncing from thing to thing? Rest. Find your solace in Christ. Are you emotionally stale, lacking joy or refusing to show heart-felt compassion? Live again as you remember that God wants you and those around you to be filled with unexplainable passion. We must continue through this cycle until one day we will know full restoration and lavishly enjoy a right relationship with our Creator.

May your life dance again or for the first time. May you be filled with the melody of hope. May you experience the orchestral power of God that moves you. May your families know outstanding laughter. Do whatever it takes to get this rhythm into your life!


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