Share the Gospel with Children

12 02 2013


Share the Gospel with Children.

From are the BEST child evangelism tools I’ve ever seen.

Dazzle Your Children with the Gospel of Grace

22 09 2012

Dazzle Your Children with the Gospel of Grace | The Resurgence.

Click for a quick article about parenting with the Gospel in mind and referencing Elyse Fitzpatrick’s book.

A Comprehensive Plan for Mentoring Families

7 06 2012

I’m attaching here a project I worked on for my seminary class: Ministering to Families. It is essentially a walk through of a system for mentoring families that promotes relational restoration. The principles are based on the story of the Gospel as the best plan not only for a restored relationship with God, but also restored relationships with each other. It is inspired by my previous post entitled: The Life Rhythm You MUST Groove To.

Click here for the pdf: Gospel Saturated Families Project

Are You Thinking About Getting A Divorce? « Mark’s Blog

27 03 2012

Are You Thinking About Getting A Divorce? « Mark’s Blog.

There’s some good stuff on this link for those considering divorce. Some power is missing in it though. It’s the Gospel. The reason we stay together in marriage is because of Jesus. Jesus stuck it out for us. We can stick it out for him. When we give up hope, we also sacrifice our ultimate joy. Enduring all trouble for Jesus is worth it even though it may feel like a nightmare at the time.

Check out the link if you need some study-based motivation on how traumatic divorce really is, but also how beneficial it is when we stay together.

The Gospel Project (Curriculum)

21 02 2012

The Gospel Project.

The Gospel Project is a new kids church curriculum I’m looking into. Looks sound as well as creative in approach.

The Life Rhythm You MUST Groove To

9 02 2012

The little choices you make today shape your life. They establish habits and rhythms that will lead you down a path you may or may not want to go. The over-arching rhythm I am going to urge you to adopt must be checked and re-checked daily or you will settle into nothingness. But if you stay in tune with this rhythm, you will find what you’ve always wanted.

A rhythm is a pattern, best seen in music. It is a repeated pattern of movement or sound. It’s systematic, not haphazard. It is designed, developed and purposeful. The author puts it together and arranges it artistically. A good rhythm is filled with beauty, power, strength and inspiration. You see it in poetry that challenges your thinking and moves your emotions. You find it in wonderful colour combinations, lines and shapes to form stunning artwork.

You also find it in life.

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FREE Parenting Resource

3 05 2011

Gospel-Centered Parenting

The free 30 page resource (linked above) is a helpful expansion to my previous post. It includes thoughts on pragmatic parenting, rules vs. attitudes, keeping it simple, key character traits and what to do when you think you’ve messed up or it’s too late.

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