How I Structure My Day (Imperfectly)

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash The world we live in is quite rhythmic. There are many cycles and patterns. There is order and there are systems. The rhythm is by design. The Designer has built beautiful rhythms into everything He created.  We would do well to line ourselves up within them. To resist is futile peon! Ha! ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Nicaragua Family Rhythm Conferences 2015

The teaching of Family Rhythm goes beyond good parenting practices, which it does well. Family Rhythm acknowledges the pain and disconnection, or you could say the absence of rhythm, in our relationships and holds out the hope that we can continuously move closer to better and better relationships by getting caught up in the simple Family Rhythm story (see... Continue Reading →

Five Actions for Forming a Strong Family Rhythm

Below are five simple action steps for each part of the Family Rhythm cycle. Right relationship: establish core family values. Relationship broken: acknowledge realities and eliminate "sap suckers!"Repercussions: understand life-stage development, then discover and apply relevant and effective training methods.Repentance: model and expect authentic transformation more than just the flippant, "I'm sorry." Restoration: keep a constant view... Continue Reading →

7 Family Habits to Strengthen Relationships

The book called Parenting Beyond Your Capacity has a chapter discussing family rhythms. Every family has a rhythm, but not all rhythms are deliberate and strategic. Not all families have a plan, but every family settles into patterns, habits and rhythms that shape their lives together. I want to have a family that doesn't drift off into... Continue Reading →

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