VIDEO: Nicaragua Family Rhythm Conferences 2015

3 11 2015

The teaching of Family Rhythm goes beyond good parenting practices, which it does well. Family Rhythm acknowledges the pain and disconnection, or you could say the absence of rhythm, in our relationships and holds out the hope that we can continuously move closer to better and better relationships by getting caught up in the simple Family Rhythm story (see here). Simple pattern changes over a long period of time can take us either down a path of asynchronous relationships or increasing connection.

Family Rhythm seeks to show families simple ways, ideas, patterns or habits that daily increase the peace and wonder they experience.

Close to 50 people came from around Nicaragua to hear this teaching. The encouragement we all shared as we worked together will, I believe, linger for a long time in our minds and hearts. Young moms and dads, grandparents, pastors, ministry leaders and others came with great enthusiasm and energy as we shared stories, experiences and ideas for daily improving the direction our families are heading.

Here’s a short video I put together that inspires me, as one mom put it, “to grow in the love of Christ.”

Family Rhythm Conferences, Nicaragua, 2015

29 10 2015
If you weren’t able to get to Nicaragua for the Family Rhythm conference (not sure what could possibly hold you back!), here’s what you missed and what some participants had to say:
Session 1
The small choices you make in your family every day leads you on a path. Making better small choices, repeated over time, can direct you in a better way. Participants gained inspiration and a bedrock plan for daily increasing peace and wonder in their family relationships.
“I like what Steve said. A simple change makes a new way.”
Session 2
Values left undetermined leaves families aimless. Participants devoted time to proactively focusing on what’s most important for their family.
“I have so many ideas now, more values that I will teach my daughters.”
Session 3
Pain in our relationships is often ignored or denied. Participants recognized that God is present in our pain and loves to give it purpose when we are courageous to face it head-on.
“I grew up without my dad, but I met Jesus Christ. And he is the best Father ever.”
Session 4
Discipline is more than correction, but a whole system of training that builds great character. Participants considered their parenting style and were challenged to move towards God’s perfect parenting style.
“I have a three year old boy and now that I have been getting this teaching, I’m going back home with other thoughts…to understand my child [and] listen to him.”
Session 5
Working through family conflict is an ongoing and complex challenge. Participants learned a simplified pattern that is easy to recall and effective to implement.
“I realized that this conference has been really simple, practical, but really, really effective for us. I found that in the styles of parenting and the pattern of discipline, I [can] go ahead and do these things with my family and share all of this with the families that go to my church.”
Session 6
This collaborative session generated many ideas for developing peace- and wonder-making rhythms and practices. Participants gained a meaningful and highly practical approach to increasing conversations about God building better bonds.
“I’m really happy. I’m going home like a new guy because what I got from this conference is going to help me a lot in order to be able to have a good family, to have a united family, an understanding family and with better communication.”
Other quotes:
“I didn’t want to come to this conference in the beginning, but actually with time, it was something that really impacted my life.”
“The games connected with the teachings. They were simple, practical but really effective with a very good result and a happy ending.”
(Thanks to Wayne and Hellen Hancock and all the people from Skylark, Threefold Ministries and the churches at home who made this trip possible!)

The One Story to Tell Your Family

9 05 2014

For me, I get overwhelmed sometimes when there are too many choices. We have a phrase in our culture when we have a question: “Just Google it.”

For wise and discerning people, that can be somewhat helpful. But I need more than a quick tip or a rabbit trail of opinions, I want a guiding principle for my family.

As a husband and a father, I want to have a single pursuit. I want to keep it simple. When there are too many good targets it can be hard to choose which one to shoot for. Let alone all the unhelpful targets that distract.

But when I know there is one great target, then I can train and focus on it and get better and better at hitting it.

That’s what Family Rhythm is: the strong, regular, repeated focus on one target or one story, really.

the story


Here’s the story: Hebrews 1:1-2 says, “Long ago God spoke many times and in many ways to our ancestors through the prophets. And now in these final days, he has spoken to us through his Son.”

All of Scripture, really tells one story and that’s the story of God’s ongoing sacrifice to bring us into a restored relationship with himself through Jesus Christ.

How will you tell this story at many times and in many ways with your family?

Five Actions for Forming a Strong Family Rhythm

22 01 2014

Below are five simple action steps for each part of the Family Rhythm cycle.


  1. Right relationship: establish core family values. 
  2. Relationship broken: acknowledge realities and eliminate “sap suckers!”
  3. Repercussions: understand life-stage development, then discover and apply relevant and effective training methods.
  4. Repentance: model and expect authentic transformation more than just the flippant, “I’m sorry.” 
  5. Restoration: keep a constant view to your legacy. Will it be one of restored or broken relationships?



Making Faith Part of Everyday Life

1 03 2013

Making Faith Part of Everyday Life, Part 1.

This article is a thoughtful look at building faith conversations into your daily rhythms and routines. Worth a click!

The Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Family Rhythm | Natural Parents Network

10 12 2012

The Beginner’s Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Family Rhythm | Natural Parents Network.

An interesting article I’d like to explore further. I don’t necessarily endorse this website.

The Life Rhythm You MUST Groove To

9 02 2012

The little choices you make today shape your life. They establish habits and rhythms that will lead you down a path you may or may not want to go. The over-arching rhythm I am going to urge you to adopt must be checked and re-checked daily or you will settle into nothingness. But if you stay in tune with this rhythm, you will find what you’ve always wanted.

A rhythm is a pattern, best seen in music. It is a repeated pattern of movement or sound. It’s systematic, not haphazard. It is designed, developed and purposeful. The author puts it together and arranges it artistically. A good rhythm is filled with beauty, power, strength and inspiration. You see it in poetry that challenges your thinking and moves your emotions. You find it in wonderful colour combinations, lines and shapes to form stunning artwork.

You also find it in life.

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