Chat Show (Vol.2, Iss.1): Cow’s Favourite Holiday, Flying Humans, Star Wars, our Genuine Bible and more!

I’ve missed writing the Chat Show for a few weeks so here are some highlights grouped together to catch up.


What is a cow’s favourite holiday? Moo Year’s Eve!

What is gray and goes up and down? An elephant on an elevator or teeter totter or pogo stick, etc.

Where do horses live? In a neeeiighbourhood.


Hockey game! Over the holidays I went to see the Detroit Red Wings play the Philadelphia Fliers. Detroit lost 3-2 and I was sad. : (


Can humans fly? // With planes, gliders and now…wingsuits!

Have you read the book Smelly Socks? // Not yet, but I hope to! It looks good!

What do you forget most of the time? // This was hard for me to remember…(haha), I actually forget to take out the trash sometimes!

Who is your favourite star wars character? // This question got an interesting debate going at church, but my favourites are the Ewoks!

What’s your favourite animal? // The cheetah, fastest land animal.

What’s your favourite kind of cake? // Chocolate!

What’s the difference between Catholics and Christians? // To give a short answer here is very difficult! First, Catholics can be Christian, just like Baptists may not be. There are some things that are the same like belief in Jesus’ death and resurrection. There are some differences like praying to Mary, or doing many rituals. Being a Christian is less about what church you attend and all about having a personal and forever friendship with Jesus.

In the last lesson (story of the transfiguration), why was Jesus glowing? // It’s a God thing! God created light, when Moses met with God his face glowed, angels glow and in Heaven there will be no sun because God will be it’s light. Because Jesus is God, He showed off His glory to us so we would know it for sure!

How do we know the Bible is real and not just a fake? // There is a lot to think about with this question, but here are a few reasons. It was written by over 40 authors over 2000 years. They were all talking about the same thing: Jesus! That couldn’t happen by accident. The promises and prophecies of the Bible have all been kept (there are some we are still waiting for). Sometimes people say the Bible’s not true because it talks about people or places that don’t exist. Actually, archaeology keeps finding evidence of many people and places of the Bible! Also, the Bible is the best explanation of Creation (how we got here, why we’re here and more).


My friend doesn’t know Jesus. // I wish more and more kids would be thinking like this! Let’s pray for our friends who don’t know Jesus!


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