Chat Show (Vol.2, Iss.6): Is Jesus Real, Despicable Me, Adam and Eve, Flying and More

This week's issue of Chat Show (with Pastor Steve) brings a large array of topics from a honeycomb, to Genesis, to an unknown 'Bob,' to Jesus. Dive into the mirky waters of my brain as I dive into the wonderful world of kids (specifically, Bluewater Church kids). Who's Bob? What about Bob?

Chat Show (Vol.2, Iss.1): Cow’s Favourite Holiday, Flying Humans, Star Wars, our Genuine Bible and more!

I've missed writing the Chat Show for a few weeks so here are some highlights grouped together to catch up. Jokes: What is a cow's favourite holiday? Moo Year's Eve! What is gray and goes up and down? An elephant on an elevator or teeter totter or pogo stick, etc. Where do horses live? In... Continue Reading →

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