New Hands-On Bible Website!

If you haven’t got your hands on a Hands-On Bible now is the time! Your family will love this updated NLT Bible. Even if you can’t get the Bible, the website below has some good features. From the publishers:

This new edition features…

  • Updated, full-color tip-ins with engaging activities that kids love.
  • A more portable size for kids and the easy-for-kids-to-read New Living Translation.
  • fun new cover that invites kids to open and read it for themselves.
  • And, online parenting helps with the new with FREE scripture song downloads, Bible reading guide, and a year’s worth of weekly family devotions.

Go to There are some great Scripture verse songs including a books of the Bible song for download. The devotions are ok without actually having the Bible. They include some questions and a simple idea. The Bible reading plan is excellent. The LEDGE also has Bible reading plans available here. But even the best website never compares to simply opening the Bible together as a family, discussing it and seeking to let Jesus transform in every way!

Are your hands all over God’s Word?

(Go to or to purchase.)


2 thoughts on “New Hands-On Bible Website!

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I checked out the website and it looks really good. Ben has been asking for a copy of that Bible, so I think this looks like the push we needed to get one!

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