Cam the Coop Student

Think Cam think!

Over the last few months I’ve had the privilege of working with my first coop student named Cam. Cam worked hard, was willing to try new things and made a great slave! Thanks for all the grunt work Cam!! Hopefully I was able to balance the tough stuff with enjoyable experiences as well. I know the kids love you Cam.

Here’s the experience in his words:

My Semester as a Co-op Student

My time as a co-op student was great I loved to work with kids and learn many things about how the church works. I have noticed that I have improved greatly over my semester of co-op. When I first started I had no idea what was in store for me. Steve had me doing all kinds of crazy (but fun) things from preparing events, to writing papers, to visiting sick people and helping out  with vbs. I laugh when I think of how little I helped, how uninvolved I was and how scared I was to move ahead. Through this semester I have moved my way through the programs to teaching the whole Sunday school, wow I don’t think I would of seen this coming. It amazes me that there is such an awesome God who knows the whole plan of my life and says, hey this is only the beginning you have no idea the wonderful things that are in store for you. I can’t wait it will be sweet to see what He calls me to do, who’s life I change and how changed I’ll become. Last year I was going to switch schools but God had a different idea for me, clearly he wanted me to stay and co-op here. He wanted my life to change and for me to change the lives of others. Now I look forward to volunteering in the church and helping the children’s ministry grow further and help others to love Jesus.

By   Cameron Huizinga


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