FREE E-book for Children’s Ministry

Don’t miss this straightforward, passionate look at what matters now in children’s ministry! The read is easy and laid out in short 200 word answers to the question: “What matters now in children’s ministry?” Answers are from 33 leaders who really care about children and those who lead them. Contributor’s include Amy Dolan (Lemon Lime Kids), Christine Yount Jones (Group), Karl Bastian (Kidology) and David Staal.

Click here to read it now.


8 thoughts on “FREE E-book for Children’s Ministry

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  1. Thanks for posting about What Matters Now. I just wanted to ask if your blog header banner is from Yosemite? It appears to me to be the base of Bridalveil Falls? (I know that rock!)

    1. The link isn’t very obvious for some reason. It’s the word “here” at the end of the post. But thanks for the links Karl. (WordPress thought you were spamming me and that’s why the posts didn’t appear. I told them you weren’t so we’re all good now.)
      I sent you an email with the full version of the picture.

  2. I think it was Bridal Veil Falls going by the plaque at the base there. I posted another comment with the link to the download and discussion forum, but it didn’t go live. There is no link in your post. Maybe links aren’t allowed?

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