Give: A Ministry of Restoration

26 05 2015

God gives and gives and gives. Out of gratitude and from a heart of justice, we give.

Giving is an act of defiance against depravity. It rises up and says, “I will not tolerate disgrace. I will restore with grace-filled goodness.”


The Importance of Ministry to Children & Families | Kidmin360

31 10 2012


The Importance of Ministry to Children & Families (graphic) | Kidmin360.

A Comprehensive Plan for Mentoring Families

7 06 2012

I’m attaching here a project I worked on for my seminary class: Ministering to Families. It is essentially a walk through of a system for mentoring families that promotes relational restoration. The principles are based on the story of the Gospel as the best plan not only for a restored relationship with God, but also restored relationships with each other. It is inspired by my previous post entitled: The Life Rhythm You MUST Groove To.

Click here for the pdf: Gospel Saturated Families Project

Inside Out Families-A Brief Impression of the Book

22 05 2012

This book by Diana Garland is a good read that has a good focus on families who give more than receive. In this impression I look at the purpose of the book, stories that move us to action and a simple plan for empowering churches to empower their people to serve.

The purpose of the book was clear: “the heart of family ministry is equipping families together for a life of Christian service to others beyond themselves, to turn themselves inside out in a calling larger than their own daily life together” (11). This helps families stay stuck to the church. The goal is “to focus your attention on ministry through families more than ministry to families” (11). While it is true that we do need to minister to families, there is a profound difference here I think. As families determine to put aside a victim mentality where the church and community must serve them, they can put on a mentality of service that ushers them into God’s grand narrative of restoring all people to himself. This gives me tingles!

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3 Quick Wins for Kids’ Ministry | The Resurgence

10 01 2012


3 Quick Wins for Kids’ Ministry | The Resurgence.

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A Philosophy of Children’s and Family Ministry (Part 2)

15 12 2011

(For part 1 click here.)


Of course there are many challenges when it comes to ministry with children and families. As mentioned in the rationale, people have sinned and are separated from God and therefore, need that relationship repaired. So sin is the number one challenge. Leaders, parents, extended families and children are tempted to go after the pleasures of this world while forsaking the eternal pleasures in the next world. This leaves the whole world and our local communities in one large mess. To attempt to minister to children and families and not prioritize countering this human problem is folly.

So I believe one of the greatest truths we can teach our families is repentance. The Bible, over and over, calls people to turn from their sin, back to their Creator. Children are no exception. In fact, if this habit of repentance can be instilled from infancy, it will take hold as a pattern for their life that will lead them to finding hope in God, to fostering healthy relationships, to establishing strong life skills and give them peace for their souls.

Another challenge is to be aware of each child holistically. Dr. Wess Stafford proposes a solid model for this. His perspective is from that of moving children out of extreme poverty, however, it is relevant for all children as well. We cannot be satisfied to only attend to one aspect of a family’s life. We must consider the whole person including economics, health, social, spiritual, learning as well as environment. To do this well we need to know a child’s story, become familiar with their history, their family, their location and their interests. This is critical for positive ministry. This is massive and one leader can’t possibly know all these things or be able to minister in all these areas. Therefore leadership training is essential.

Stafford gives his solution to the challenge of children in poverty. He writes, “I still say that the most loving and strategic thing that can be done for children in poverty is to bring them to their heavenly Father.” That this is true for all children is clear.

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A Philosophy of Children’s and Family Ministry (Part 1)

15 12 2011

Rationale and Biblical Foundation

God loves people. In the beginning God created a universe to display his greatness. Then he created people to share and revel in it. When those people sinned, the intimacy they shared with God was forever broken. But God had an even bigger plan to show off even more greatness so people could share and revel in even more of it…if they would trust him.

When God created people, he said, “Be fruitful and multiply” (Gen 1:28). This imperative instituted families and stirred in them the desire to go into all the world exploring, creating and delighting in the Creator together. However, because of sin, families were also broken and children would grow up not having known of the original intimacy their parents had with the Creator. Parents would then have to pass on this firsthand knowledge which would become second hand and so on.

Even though the relationship people had with God was broken, God was still working and present and very active. His aim was and is to mend what was broken, to heal what was wounded and to restore what was ruined. He chose throughout history to speak and to share promises of redemption. Whenever he spoke or demonstrated his power it was intended to be shared. In fact, how could such powerful demonstrations not be made known? Inevitably, stories would be written and told in community and within families. Significant rituals and marker events would be instituted as powerful reminders of God’s faithfulness. People would hear portions of God’s greatness and glory again and again even though it could no longer be seen in all its fullness here on Earth.

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