Birthday Story and Ideas for Romance!

So my friend and mentor told me a story not long ago that I just have to share! The story is about his idea to celebrate his wife’s 70th birthday. This should put all us guys to shame. Here’s how it went. His first thought was that 70 is the equivalent of three score and ten. So, of course, the theme must be around Skor bars. He says, “The bars are Skor and they scored a hit with my Sweetheart.” Her maiden name is Nichols so, of course, nickels must be involved somehow too. One Skor bar or one nickel certainly wouldn’t suffice, try 70. Then he taped each nickel to each Skor bar. 70 divides nicely by 10, so he got 7 bags to put these items in. Each bag would represent one decade. On each bag, he wrote memories for each decade of her life.

So many guys think that just because they say they love their wife, she should feel valued. The truth is, exercising creativity and showing your wife that you love her is when she really feels cherished. Demonstrating love for a spouse doesn’t have to be this elaborate all the time, but this was her 70th birthday. A simple note or lots of hugs are meaningful, but also using your noggin a little to show her that you know her and treasure her will go a long way to establishing an enduring marriage.


  • putting notes in balloons for her to pop
  • blindfolding her and taking her to a mysterious destination
  • taking her on a romantic photo shoot
  • making her a well-thought out card
  • not waiting for her to get the babysitter arranged
  • surprise her with a lunch date
  • text her throughout the day
  • read her poetry (Song of Songs anyone?)

How do you show your bride that you cherish her?


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  1. Steve…
    Thanx for the 3 score & 10 tale about 70 Nickel Skor bars for a Special Nickel !!

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