Hear: Speaking So Children Want to Listen

22 12 2015

What would ministry be without conversation?

-Katey Hage

How can they know who to trust if they haven’t heard of the One who can be trusted? And how can they hear if nobody tells them?

-Paul (Romans 10:14)

Simply thinking that you believe in, fully trust and devote to Jesus is a strong starting point. True belief then leads to a transformation of lifestyle. This prompts us to speak so others can hear and want to listen. Speaking so children will listen is a challenge, but with love as your motivation, creativity as your friend and fun as your language, you’ll be well on your way. “Do you hear what I hear? A song, a song, high above the trees. With a voice as big as the sea.” Inspire some curious conversations with your words this week!

Think about ways you can speak words that connect with children.

Love. Love is the path that allows children to hear your words. Speaking words of kindness opens the door to the heart which builds relationship.

  • I’m so glad to see you today!
  • Jesus loves you!!
  • Come on over! I want to know what you think about…
  • Check this out.
  • That is a super idea! Can you tell me more about that?
  • You are amazingly awesome!

Creativity. Creativity just takes the typical and turns it into interesting.

  • So when the angel appeared to Mary, Darth Vader attacked Joseph and they had an epic light saber battle right?
  • I want you to know about God’s amazing plan. Let me tell you about a time when my plans flopped…
  • God always keeps his promises. I don’t. I remember when I promised…
  • Can you read this for me?
  • I’m so thankful that Jesus is my best friend. The other day, I was having a hard time with… and I remembered something Jesus said…

Fun. Play, quite literally, is a child’s language. It’s how they learn, understand and provides opportunities for communication.

  • Roll this dice. The number you roll will determine what action you must take. (Ie. whisper a phrase to pass around the circle, tell how you would respond to x situation, show on your face how you’d feel if x happened to you…etc.)
  • We’re not going to have any fun at all today. We’re not going to play any games or sing any songs or hear any stories. Boring, boring!
  • Take a look at this picture. What comes to your mind?
  • For each right answer, try to get this ball into the moving bucket.

What ideas do you have for increasing the quality of your communication with children?

Lord, use my words to spark true belief.

Express: Creative Communication

2 06 2015

The other day, I was talking with my kids about the movie Big Hero 6. In it Hiro and Baymax, his mechanical nurse, have the following interaction:

[Hiro and Baymax are inside a creepy abandoned warehouse. Baymax sneaks up behind Hiro.]

Baymax: Hiro?

Hiro: [Screams] You gave me a heart attack!

Baymax: [Rubs his hands together] My hands are equipped with defibrillators. [Moves his hands towards Hiro] Clear!

Hiro: [Alarmed] STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP! It’s just an expression!

Expressions are clever phrases we use in our communication that can easily be misinterpreted. In talking with children, it’s good to use clear, understandable and creative expressions to communicate.

How do you use creative and loving expressions with children?

Birthday Story and Ideas for Romance!

25 05 2012

So my friend and mentor told me a story not long ago that I just have to share! The story is about his idea to celebrate his wife’s 70th birthday. This should put all us guys to shame. Here’s how it went. His first thought was that 70 is the equivalent of three score and ten. So, of course, the theme must be around Skor bars. He says, “The bars are Skor and they scored a hit with my Sweetheart.” Her maiden name is Nichols so, of course, nickels must be involved somehow too. One Skor bar or one nickel certainly wouldn’t suffice, try 70. Then he taped each nickel to each Skor bar. 70 divides nicely by 10, so he got 7 bags to put these items in. Each bag would represent one decade. On each bag, he wrote memories for each decade of her life.

So many guys think that just because they say they love their wife, she should feel valued. The truth is, exercising creativity and showing your wife that you love her is when she really feels cherished. Demonstrating love for a spouse doesn’t have to be this elaborate all the time, but this was her 70th birthday. A simple note or lots of hugs are meaningful, but also using your noggin a little to show her that you know her and treasure her will go a long way to establishing an enduring marriage.


  • putting notes in balloons for her to pop
  • blindfolding her and taking her to a mysterious destination
  • taking her on a romantic photo shoot
  • making her a well-thought out card
  • not waiting for her to get the babysitter arranged
  • surprise her with a lunch date
  • text her throughout the day
  • read her poetry (Song of Songs anyone?)

How do you show your bride that you cherish her?

KidzMatter: A Theology of Creativity

6 10 2011

Ever heard someone say, “I’m not creative?” Well here’s a response: “Yes, you are. You just don’t realize it yet!” Spend some time improving your own creativity as you read over this article from Mark Conner in K! Magazine. Here’s my short logic to prove you are creative:

God is Creator, therefore,

God is creative.

People are made in God’s image, therefore,

People are creative.

The question isn’t, “Am I creative?” The question is, “How can I demonstrate my God-given creativity today?” Click the link below to get started!


Aaron Reynold’s is Coming to Our Church!

10 05 2010

Want to improve your creativity with kids? Come to our church on September 18! Aaron Reynold’s will be investing his time with us. Check out his information here and here.

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