Manga Bible :: Tyndale House Publishers

Manga Bible ::  Tyndale House Publishers.

For kids who don’t like to read, reading the Bible seems impossible. Kids are very visual and concrete in their thinking. If they can’t see it, feel it, taste it then it becomes difficult to learn and retain. The Bible is a massive book that even adults can be intimidated. We, the parents, leaders and teachers of kids must bring the Bible to life in a way that kids can sense it. Auditory transfer only resonates with a small percentage of children. And even then, if it’s monotone or dry, children will almost instantly tune out. Therefore we must also tap into the visual and kinesthetic styles of learning.
While I recommend Group’s Hands-On Bible (which largely appeals to kinesthetic learners), there are also plenty of visual Bibles available on the market as well. Manga is an art style that has become very popular. It is now also in the form of several different Bibles. I’ve ordered some of them and they will be available at my church for kids to peruse and parents to sample.
If you’re looking for a way to get your resistant reader inspired by the Bible, check out a Manga Bible. This will especially appeal to older boys. The link above will take you to Tyndale’s website.

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