8 Ways to Stay Married 58 Years


Why shoot for 50 years of marriage, when you can make it to 58?  That’s the point of a new song that really got to me.  In Love Like Crazy, singer Lee Brice spells out eight ways for us…

1.  Be a best friend,
2.  tell the truth,
3.  and overuse “I love you’s.”
4.  Go to work,
5.  do your best,
6.  don’t outsmart your common sense
7.  Never let your prayin’ knees get lazy
8.  And love like crazy.

Now, about those praying knees; before you discount that bit of advice, read these scary divorce stats and the amazing protection prayer gives marriage.  And, hey, just for today, love your husband like crazy (here’s how the iMOM panel does just that).

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  1. I saw this in IMom too and thought it was great. I sent it over to my husband who replied with an email filled with about 1,000 “I love you’s”. Must have been his favorite point. Thanks for sharing!

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