11 03 2015

We can wish. We can manipulate. We can modify behaviour.

But we want better than that. We want God. We need God. God is our Creator and Sustainer and Transformer.

Let’s pray for our children.

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Ten Ways to Connect With Kids

31 03 2011
  1. Observe. Notice habits, nuances, personality. Watch how they relate and play. Learn what they think about and their tendencies. Get to know the child.
  2. Culture. Be a student of kid culture. Read Toys R Us, watch their shows (and enjoy them!), play with their toys and games.
  3. Ask. Ask lots of questions! Who, what, where, when, why, how? What’s your favourite…? What would you do if…? How do you feel when…?
  4. Listen. Practice active listening. Engage your eyes and ears. Restate what they say in your own words. Give non-verbal cues like raising your eyebrows, laughing or touch to show that you are interested in them.
  5. Stories. Use the power of story to connect and teach. Read, tell or create fanciful stories. Try the “What If” game. For example, ask, “What would you do if it snowed 100 hundred feet of snow?” Make links to real life decisions and attitudes.
  6. Repetition. With younger children, repeat things often–they love to be ‘in-the-know’! Play the same game for a week or once a week for a month. Tell the same stories over and over with genuine enthusiasm.
  7. Unpredictable. With older children, use the unpredictable. Surprise them, change your approaches. Throw them off by creating a different story ending.
  8. Build trust. Be there for them over and over. Admit your failures. Grow with them. Be a genuine friend.
  9. Play. Play often, play long, laugh loud, get creative, get dirty–whatever your kid enjoys, do it with them. Explore new possibilities to find new things you enjoy doing together.
  10. Pray. Seek God for new ways to connect. He is always seeking to connect with those who want Him. Model that and ask Him to show you how he’s working and how you can also ride that wave.

How do you connect with the kids in your world?

Sonora’s Two Principles for Handling Bullies

16 02 2011

Sonora, my four year old daughter, came home from school awhile ago saying a boy in her class had hit her. Obviously, this bothered her some. I don’t know the severity of that exchange, but it’s worth considering. It could have been a hard hit out of the blue or a tap with noticeable anger. Bullying is a reality worse for some than others, but every kid will encounter it in their school experience. I don’t really consider this bullying, but it would be if it were pervasive.

On her next day of school she mentioned him again. Now, before we send her off to school we usually say a prayer. She mentioned that we should pray for this boy. She asked that God would help him not to hit her. I coached her along a little and suggested that she ask God to help her to be kind to him and she did. Simple and short, but yet a powerful refocus for the day. I didn’t think much of it until the end of the day.

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8 Ways to Stay Married 58 Years

16 09 2010


Why shoot for 50 years of marriage, when you can make it to 58?  That’s the point of a new song that really got to me.  In Love Like Crazy, singer Lee Brice spells out eight ways for us…

1.  Be a best friend,
2.  tell the truth,
3.  and overuse “I love you’s.”
4.  Go to work,
5.  do your best,
6.  don’t outsmart your common sense
7.  Never let your prayin’ knees get lazy
8.  And love like crazy.

Now, about those praying knees; before you discount that bit of advice, read these scary divorce stats and the amazing protection prayer gives marriage.  And, hey, just for today, love your husband like crazy (here’s how the iMOM panel does just that).

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Chat Show (Vol.1, Iss.5): Trampled by a Dog and a Joke

4 09 2010

This short issue is just about a boy who got walked on by a big dog!

Comment: Two weeks ago I got trampled by my friend’s king shepherd. A.K., Gr.4 // I bet that was a little scary. When I was a teenager, I was delivering papers and this big shepherd dog broke his chain and came running and barking at me. I was scared. I immediately cried to God for help. The dog just stopped at the bottom of the stairs barking. Then I went on my way.

Bonus Joke: What is a cow’s favourite game? … Peek-a-moo!

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