Should Kids Bring Their Bibles to Church?

I found an interesting blog by a children’s pastor named Sam Luce. Most kids at our church don’t bring their Bibles to church. I’d like to change that. But I also think that I and our teachers need to be more mindful of having kids use their Bibles when they bring them.

Check it out, then come back here to let me know what you think!

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4 thoughts on “Should Kids Bring Their Bibles to Church?

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  1. We did a big push about learning to use your Bible a little while back. We used a great Spy Guy video and saw a real surge in bringing them, but you’re right — we have to DO something with those Bibles for it to continue. Taking the time to help kids actually find the passage is tough, but needed. Before kids would bring their Bibles and leave them strewn all over the gym. Now, before lesson we always say “Grab your Bibles, we need them!” and then we use them.

    The question I have now is.. some kids (who have been given a Bible) still never bring it. Should we have classroom Bibles for these kids? Or only let true guests/visitors use those Bibles? We don’t want the Bible to see exclusive or “off limits”, but want to provide motivation to bring your own. Hmm… tough one, because even I forget sometimes and am grateful for the pew Bibles!

    Spy Guy Video Post:

  2. I had a dad ask me about Bibles because his daughter asked to have one because she saw others at church with one. He played it up with her and she is so excited to show me and her family and friends. Now that’s a great trigger for generating excitement: parents also excited!

  3. I like how for the past couple of weeks, you’ve asked for volunteers to look up Bible passages. That’s a great way to encourage the kids to bring and use their bibles. Let’s have more of that!! As for the different translations issue….maybe we can have another order sheet go around and when the Sunday school teachers talk to the kids’ parents, we can mention it to them i.e. “Johnny says that he doesn’t have a bible of his own to bring to class….We are using the NLT Living Inside Out Bible just for ease of translation and continuity. We have an order sheet here so that we can avail ourselves of the bulk discount and cheaper shipping rates…..would you like to order one for him?”
    My two cents worth….

  4. I received the following 2 comments via email:

    Interesting thought about just making our kids “look”like christians by carrying bibles. I’ve never thought of it that way before. It’s a little tricky withTristen since he doesnt read, but I am trying to teach Hayden to read his bible – and find his way around it. I think I was 5 when I memorized the books in order and sometimes I still sing part of the song to find a certain book…
    I do agree that it seems dumb to insist they take it with them if they aren’t going to use it. Maybe some sword drills are in order ! 🙂
    Keep up the good work guys.

    I believe most of the children in the grade 4-5 class have their own bibles. They don’t always bring them but I know we have plenty in the cupboard for use. Having them look up the bible verse for the month is a great start/reinforcement on using the Bible and I think it is worth while to have one of the children retrieve them as we exit to our class for small group activities (or as ice breaker) during chat time. When it is prompted in our class lesson I try and remember to grad them. Although I like rewards, I believe in this case and with this age group the reward is knowing how to find the books/verses.

    Just my thoughts, Lynn.

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