Chat Show (Volume 1, Issue 1)

Each week at church I do a few minutes segment called Chat with Pastor Steve. Kids can write in any comments, questions, jokes or prayer requests. (We’re a small enough church that I usually don’t worry about having too many to handle in a service). I really enjoy getting into the minds of kids this way. There are some really fun and funny comments as well as some deep questions. Each week, I’m gonna try to capture these thoughts here and how I answer them (if I do at all). Enjoy!

Joke: Knock, knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? I just want to give you an orange door. J.G. Gr.3

Joke: Q. What is eternity? A. When 4 blondes meet at a 4 way stop sign. T.B. Gr.5 // Funny! BTW, this was written by a blonde boy and even my blonde wife laughed.)

Comment: You have a big nose for Chat with Pastor Steve. ? Gr.3 // The picture I use was done with a fisheye lens. Actually Karl Bastian took it when I was in Yosemite with him.


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