Hear: Speaking So Children Want to Listen

22 12 2015

What would ministry be without conversation?

-Katey Hage

How can they know who to trust if they haven’t heard of the One who can be trusted? And how can they hear if nobody tells them?

-Paul (Romans 10:14)

Simply thinking that you believe in, fully trust and devote to Jesus is a strong starting point. True belief then leads to a transformation of lifestyle. This prompts us to speak so others can hear and want to listen. Speaking so children will listen is a challenge, but with love as your motivation, creativity as your friend and fun as your language, you’ll be well on your way. “Do you hear what I hear? A song, a song, high above the trees. With a voice as big as the sea.” Inspire some curious conversations with your words this week!

Think about ways you can speak words that connect with children.

Love. Love is the path that allows children to hear your words. Speaking words of kindness opens the door to the heart which builds relationship.

  • I’m so glad to see you today!
  • Jesus loves you!!
  • Come on over! I want to know what you think about…
  • Check this out.
  • That is a super idea! Can you tell me more about that?
  • You are amazingly awesome!

Creativity. Creativity just takes the typical and turns it into interesting.

  • So when the angel appeared to Mary, Darth Vader attacked Joseph and they had an epic light saber battle right?
  • I want you to know about God’s amazing plan. Let me tell you about a time when my plans flopped…
  • God always keeps his promises. I don’t. I remember when I promised…
  • Can you read this for me?
  • I’m so thankful that Jesus is my best friend. The other day, I was having a hard time with… and I remembered something Jesus said…

Fun. Play, quite literally, is a child’s language. It’s how they learn, understand and provides opportunities for communication.

  • Roll this dice. The number you roll will determine what action you must take. (Ie. whisper a phrase to pass around the circle, tell how you would respond to x situation, show on your face how you’d feel if x happened to you…etc.)
  • We’re not going to have any fun at all today. We’re not going to play any games or sing any songs or hear any stories. Boring, boring!
  • Take a look at this picture. What comes to your mind?
  • For each right answer, try to get this ball into the moving bucket.

What ideas do you have for increasing the quality of your communication with children?

Lord, use my words to spark true belief.

Fun, Fun, Fun

12 11 2014

I often laugh when I’m around children. Like when my son tells a knock, knock joke that makes zero sense. Or when my daughter giggles continuously because of a new sound that she’s discovered. Or when a kid completely derails one of my very serious and important small group questions with a comment like, “broccoli and cheese!” …Or something random like that. We adults take things far too seriously. Let fun, laughter and celebration into your life this week!

High Seas Gallery

4 08 2010

High Seas Expedition was a fantastic week where the church worked together to create a highly memorable experience for kids and families to look back on for the rest of their lives. The theme was God’s love as shown through His Word. May His Word go out into the world, linger in people’s souls and bring real and eternal hope through Jesus.

We had over 100 kids for the first time! We had the most volunteers we’ve ever had. New kids came and other kids came back who have come all the years we’ve been doing this exciting summer week. Blankets and Good News colouring books were prepared to send off to Africa. New volunteers were stretched, but with the great reward of joy and satisfaction in knowing they had a positive influence on children. Kids didn’t want to leave at the end of the week. Kids who’ve never had their own Bible received one. There was great music, food, Bible stories, crafts, games and friendship.

Thanks to everyone who participated to make this a great and God-honouring week!

Chat Show (Volume 1, Issue 1)

17 07 2010

Each week at church I do a few minutes segment called Chat with Pastor Steve. Kids can write in any comments, questions, jokes or prayer requests. (We’re a small enough church that I usually don’t worry about having too many to handle in a service). I really enjoy getting into the minds of kids this way. There are some really fun and funny comments as well as some deep questions. Each week, I’m gonna try to capture these thoughts here and how I answer them (if I do at all). Enjoy!

Joke: Knock, knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? I just want to give you an orange door. J.G. Gr.3

Joke: Q. What is eternity? A. When 4 blondes meet at a 4 way stop sign. T.B. Gr.5 // Funny! BTW, this was written by a blonde boy and even my blonde wife laughed.)

Comment: You have a big nose for Chat with Pastor Steve. ? Gr.3 // The picture I use was done with a fisheye lens. Actually Karl Bastian took it when I was in Yosemite with him.

Personalities in Kids

19 05 2010

The Farside

I’m always fascinated with personalities. In the Bible you have gutsy Peter, eccentric John the Baptist, encouraging Barnabas, driven King David and so on. People are wonderfully designed with so many different styles of life.

My two children are vastly different in personalities. Sonora is particular, loves to be pretty, sings laments when she’s in trouble and regularly speaks of her owies. Josiah on the other hand is aggressive, hands-on and he can be sweet one moment and growling angry the next. For example, when Sonora gets in your lap, she subtly, gently and sweetly climbs up. But Josiah runs and flops on you, then scrambles up. There is so much fun to be had in discovering the differences in kids!

As a parent or as a children’s ministry volunteer, we need to be students of our kids’ personalities. While I don’t suggest we put kids in a box and limit them to our decision about what their personality is, I do, however, recommend that we learn their tendencies. We do this to praise their strengths and correct their weaknesses. We notice and comment on what part of their character is right in God’s eyes. And we also strategize with them on how they can improve the not-so-healthy parts of their character.

Consider some different personalities in the article: Motivation and Personality Type.

Outdoor Fun for Kids

4 05 2010

From Family Minute:

Did you ever see the movie Holes? 
If you saw my backyard right now, you would think about this film. It looks like a war zone. You see, my son and his friends dug three big holes in the ground that they can hide in for paintball wars. It would be easy to get bothered about it and yell at our son for digging up the yard and tracking dirt into the house. But you know what… it’s better than watching T.V. or playing video games… and he’s having the time of his life!  Can’t think of anything?  We’ve got 10 Great Things to do right here!

Do Disturb Me

29 04 2010


Kids wake me up!

Kids make me laugh!

Kids remind me of God!

Kids make me smile!

Kids are fun!

Kids are interesting!

Kids are valuable!

Kids are curious!

Jesus welcomed them and so will I.

I am a children’s pastor!

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