Men: Take the Initiative!

Ever since the beginning when Eve took the forbidden fruit while Adam passively watched, men have been waiting for someone else to take the initiative. God designed men to lead, to take the initiative, to conquer and to take the courageous first step. So many men sit idly by, waiting for something to happen. Meanwhile, God is waiting for men to get up and make something happen!

This is true in so many facets of a man’s life. We do just enough to get by at work. We sit on our butts at home until our wives become exasperated. We let our kids do whatever they want as long as they don’t disturb us. We watch Iron Man instead of actually becoming a hero. We let the women lead the next generation of children and youth at church instead of rising up as mentors and teachers and leaders. We consume and never contribute.

Let’s turn those statements around and leave the guilt behind. What if men excelled in their work like Joseph? What if men became a source of joyful service to their wives? What if men invested in their kids? What if men really committed to being a hero each and every day? What if men took a proactive role with influencing the next generation? What if men became more than conquerors?

Here are some ideas:

  • study Joseph’s life for inspiration for your work (in the book of Genesis)
  • do the dishes
  • use media less
  • play often with your kids, even when you’re tired
  • plan intentional learning activities with your kids (ie. set the table with them or show them how to maintain the car)
  • watch hero movies to increase your desire to be a hero in real life
  • laugh with kids at church
  • join a kids small group
  • brainstorm a list of ways you can become a conquering contributor rather than merely a consumer

I can sense the satisfaction welling up inside you already as you seek to become the man God has designed you to be! Can you taste the rewards coming from a life like that?

Check out some other ideas from All Pro Dad for your marriage:

Let’s score some points at home

In many marriages, the wife, not the husband, is the initiator.  She says, “Let’s go to the park” or “Let’s go to a romantic restaurant.”   Well, it’s time for those tables to turn.  First, read more about how to reinvent a date night with her and if you need some date night ideas, we’ve got you covered.  Then, to keep the momentum going, introduce these marriage couponsinto your relationship and let us know how it goes by posting a comment on our Facebook page!

Huddle up and with your wife tonight and say: “Let’s_____________.”


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