What it Really Means to be a Real Man | The Actual Pastor

28 10 2013

What it Really Means to be a Real Man | The Actual Pastor.

Who are you sharing this difficult journey with?

The Story Behind the Song: Lead Me

21 04 2011

Men, be strong for your wives and be strong for your kids. Trials will come, but as you lean on God your Father, your family can lean on you. Check this clip on the story behind the song called Lead Me by Sanctus Real.

Men: Take the Initiative!

12 05 2010

Ever since the beginning when Eve took the forbidden fruit while Adam passively watched, men have been waiting for someone else to take the initiative. God designed men to lead, to take the initiative, to conquer and to take the courageous first step. So many men sit idly by, waiting for something to happen. Meanwhile, God is waiting for men to get up and make something happen! Read the rest of this entry »

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