Family Rhythm Goes on a Podcast!

Last week, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Tom Bump of the Kid’s Ministry Collective Podcast. We had a conversation ranging from building spiritual rhythms at home to leading in family ministry.

Tom is a long-time children’s ministry leader, genuine listener, friend and ministry coach. You can check out his website here.

Have a listen to episode #180!

Kids Ministry Collective 245 Three Chords Of Leadership Kids Ministry Collective

Three is always better than two right? When it comes to leadership, developing others in the right way can strengthen our influence and our ministry impact. So what is really important when we do this? Join Host Tom Bump as we discuss how to strengthen those around us.   If you need help strengthening your leadership, take 30 seconds of courage and schedule a free 30 min clarity call to learn how can help you!! 
  1. Kids Ministry Collective 245 Three Chords Of Leadership
  2. Kids Ministry Collective 244. The Big E of Leadership!
  3. Kids Ministry Collective 243 The Summer Stretch
  4. Kids Ministry Collective 242 Why Won’t They Serve?
  5. Kids Ministry Collective 241 When You See Fireflies Janine Mcnally

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