God Speaks (A Story Better than Fuzzy Peaches)

Foundational to our understanding of God is his direct communication with us. God spoke to Adam. He spoke to Abraham. He spoke to Moses. He spoke through the prophets. He loudly speaks through his Son, the Lord, Jesus Christ. He still speaks through his Spirit. Teaching this to children through these real-life stories reminds us that God is not far off, but near and transformational. You can tell kids this week that God created them and has important things to say to them!

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[The Word] is the divine Actor, acting in creation and redemption…

-R.C. Sproul

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.

-John 1:14

How else could we know God if he did not show up? In real life. With real life experiences. In flesh and blood.

So how do we communicate this to children in our homes or in church community? Through story.

God shows himself to us in history-HIS STORY. When Abraham was twiddling his thumbs (aka: flying Terrence, the Red Bird, into those green pigs), God transplanted him to a new destiny and made him a blessing to the world. When Moses was content combing sheep hair (or, you know, brushing Rapunzel’s glowing, tangled locks), God lit a fire and swept him up in an amazing deliverance epic. When kingdoms abused the innocent, committed atrocities and accumulated gratuitous wealth (such as cutting in line, or not sharing those incredible fuzzy peaches), God sent messengers (the prophets) to warn them of pending disaster, but also to speak the promise of rescue.

Then, once upon a silent night, a light changed everything. Jesus, the Word, showed the world its great sin and made forgiveness and forever life available through his power shown to us in his life, death and resurrection.

Whoa! That’s worth some quality, story-telling time with our kids don’t you think? This God, who is Creator of the Universe, wants me to be involved in his story with his people to experience real, forever life? He wants to speak to me? He wants me to be like him?

Let’s share the life-transforming Word this week.

What life-giving story did you tell a child this week?

Lord, I want to hear your words of life.


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