The Still Butterfly

There once was a butterfly that was as

still as a stone.

Her wings were

flat as a mat.

Field Crescent Landing
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She was carefully laid inside a protective case. There were other butterflies also in the case and that case was placed in a cold, dark room. For many weeks, the butterfly lay still wondering what might happen next. She feared that she would be trapped there forever.

She began to stop dreaming of flying and only dreamed of crying.

She couldn’t imagine the smell of a flower or even rising up to the heights of a tower.

One day, she heard a creak.

Her heart skipped a beat.

A moment later, the case she was lying in popped open. She saw a glimmer of light. Could it be? Was it real?

Would she be free?

Light burst all around. It wrapped her like a blanket. Warmth travelled through her wings.

Blurs turned to shapes and

shapes became flowers and grass and trees.

Wonderful smells filled her up like a deep, refreshing breath, energizing her little being.

And her wings


A moment later, her dark and cold prison became

bright and warm vision.

She looked back and what she saw she’ll never forget. With hands raised toward her, she saw the kindest, most gentle, most humble smile that could ever be smiled. She smiled too, because now she was

truly alive.

Jesus came as a man to set us free from the grips of darkness. Now you can fly as you were meant to.

[Fact: Did you know that butterflies can be preserved in an envelope in your refrigerator for long periods of time, even more than a month? The sunlight awakens and warms them and helps them prepare for flight.]


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